Reclaim: to bring back to a right or proper course; reform

Reclaim || Threaded for good

Leigh LiebmannComment
Purpose is the reason you journey, Passion is the fire that lights your way.

Reclaim; Threaded for Good exists to bring light, encouragement and awareness of those  socially aware companies and organizations already contributing to the greater needs of accomplishing one common purpose...hope. Through empowerment, the second chance and the belief in capability, hope is being restored all around the world through various methods. There is power in people joining in to extend a hand.  Together we can be threaded for the common good, through countless individuals and groups of individuals who are working hard to bring hope to the hurting, light to the darkness and a second chance to those who have lost their way. Social change is possible, one person at a time.  

You play a part.  The hope is that Threaded for Good will help bring these stories, the ones being told day in and day out by incredible organizations and social enterprises to life, so that you might find a way to enter in!  You may never get on a plane and fly to Africa to be amongst the need first hand, but what you will most definitely do is consume, so why not consume consciously?  There are opportunities all around us to contribute to the needs of others., some of which are available to us in our favorite stores.  Awareness is key in bringing about change.  Let's shift our attention off the overwhelming idea of the 'problem' and bring to light those who are investing in a holistic solution to making dreams a reality for those who might not have ever had an opportunity otherwise.  May your heart be ignited for how you may 'enter in' as you become more aware of the good that is happening and exposed to the power within each story of hope, dignity and beauty being told!

Stay tuned for future spotlights on these beautiful threads!