Reclaim: to bring back to a right or proper course; reform

Reclaim || Stories

Leigh LiebmannComment
It’s an awful truth that suffering can deepen us, give a greater lustre to our colours, a richer resonance to our words.

Life is moving, and so are our lives.  With social media at its peak, we have all gotten consumed  with seeing bits and pieces of peoples stories every day.  We typically see the fun, the pretty, the presentable.  Reclaim is about telling the full story.  From the darkest of days to the brightest, Reclaim wants to share stories of struggle, transformation, freedom and redemption in all things.

It’s the story of the pallet which I took out of someones trash, picked up with my bare hands and carried back to my house to transform into a swing where I am able to have some of my most peaceful moments.  It’s the woman’s story of freedom, healing and redemption heard when you slowed down to not just smile and say hello, but to truly listen to.  It’s the story behind the gathering which was made to feel safe, warm and welcoming by the items once deemed by someone else to be ‘trash’.  It’s your personal story about a ‘not so pretty’ time in your life in which you never thought it possible to see the other side of, which in the end, has caused you to shine brighter and is now used to encourage, inspire and bring hope to others.  It’s the story behind the table made from an old door found on the street which my closest friends and I now gather around to share great meals, drink good wine and talk about matters of the heart.  The story of freedom found deep within the eyes of the shy teenage girl who just spent years living in the bondage of sex slavery.  The married couple whose marriage was just restored.  The man released from jail, now desperately seeking a fresh start.  The girl who is free from her eating disorder and now sees herself as beautiful and valued.  The orphan who spent years in foster care who has been adopted by a loving family and now feels worthy of someone else’s love.  

Stories of something…made from nothing…stories which shine light where there was once complete darkness.  Stories of change, hope and new life. There is something to be celebrated when our brokenness is turned into beauty.  We all have a story to be told, each of these stories are ultimately about the story, which is much bigger than us.  Reclaim Stories is about the whole story, because we believe the whole story is beautiful. 

Has your story been Reclaimed? We want to hear from you!