Reclaim: to bring back to a right or proper course; reform

Re c l a i m || G a t h e r

Reclaim Gather is about bringing people together in an environment which is made to feel warm, welcoming and inviting.  In an age where we are constantly on the go, the art of gathering can often seem overwhelming.  A gathering in its simplest form is about bringing people know, engage and encourage one another. A place where space is created for relationships to be cultivated, conversation to be had and people to be celebrated for the beauty they bring to the world. May the table be the place where we sit back and enjoy each others presence, without all the pressure of perfection.  Would we come together, put down our devices and learn to listen, truly listen, to the stories of those around us, and would we leave feeling lighter than when we came...

Presence over perfection darling...

A Friendsgiving TABLE:  An evening to 'be'. 

Coming up on a year ago, a group of women have been gathering together in various homes around Dallas.  The purpose? To simply carve out time to sit and engage with one another.  These are a few photos from our Friendsgiving TABLE.  I only got a few before the dinner because I really wanted the evening to be about sitting and 'being' with one another, without having to be attached to my phone.  It was the sweetest of nights with the most delicious of Thanksgiving staples!  We sat, we laughed, drank good wine and ate until we couldn't eat anymore.  

Jouleen's 30th Rooftop Birthday: A joy-filled celebration

Brittany's Backyard Birthday: 

TABLE: A monthly gathering of women

Courtney's Surprise Birthday Dinner: The sweetest of evenings